Mobile ads people actually like

Access 100% viewable, highly targetted, large format lock screen ads, powered by telecom data.


Our Advertising Partners

We partner with most major ad networks and media agency groups across our markets

Unique Reach

  • Users of the lock screen app do not pay for the data consumed by the app.
  • If our users are out of data, they may still receive the lock screen ads.
  • This hard to reach audience provide incremental reach.

Targeting Real People




Time Targeting


Telco Data

Ad Formats

Premium Full Screen

Full screen 720 x 1280 high impact image format.
Specific clickable area to avoid accidental clicks.

Video Ads

Play video directly from the lock screen.
Auto-play on WIFI and click-to-play on mobile connections.

Rich Media Interstitials

Full Rich Media (MRAID)
MOAT & IAS complaint

Key benefits

100% Viewable

Ad-positive Audience

Advanced Targeting Data

Insights & Analytics

Programmatic Access


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William Ku


Taro Ishida

Director, Partnerships and Programme Management