We’re making partnership easier – with Postr’s custom SDK

Unlocking the benefits of Postr has just become significantly easier for telcos and wireless carriers around the world – with the launch of Postr’s proprietary software development kit (SDK).

While Postr’s standalone, carrier-branded apps (such as Skinny Collect in NZ, Optus Xtra in Australia and Aladin in Indonesia) are already bringing rapid growth for our platform – our SDK, which is the first of it’s kind, will make the process easier, simpler and more flexible… both for current partners, and for new ones.

Having a purpose-built SDK in place means that Postr’s lock screen content platform can be integrated – quickly and easily – into carriers’ existing self-service apps. It also plugs into major ad exchanges like Facebook’s Audience Network, Google’s AdMob and others. It also supports zero-rating of content and the crediting of subscribers with variable amounts of megabytes, minutes or other rewards.

It’s a serious step forward in terms of the service we can deliver our partners – and our potential for expansion, as our CEO Milan explains:

“Our SDK directly drives the growth of our sponsored data model, by targeting an accessible app user base. Our partners have been demanding this kit – and our development team has delivered it ahead of schedule. 

By significantly reducing the design and development required for a partner to get their app up and running, and giving them more control around customization, technology and data management, we’ve made an already successful platform more attractive, and more adoptable, to current and potential partners around the globe.”