Telkomsel Integrates Postr Lock Screen into rewards app ROLi


Telkomsel, Indonesia’s largest mobile operator, is generating new revenues from mobile advertising by incorporating lock screen content into its rewards app ROLithrough ad tech company Postr.  

Through the ROLi app, Telkomsel’s Android subscribers will receive free monthly data, SMS packages, and call minutes in exchange for engaging with personalised content on their mobile lock screens. The app provides users with KOINs in exchange for playing games, completing surveys, and inviting friends, which can be redeemed for rewards. Users can also use the app to read news articles served to their mobile lock-screen.  

The ads will be targeted to individual mobile users based on their specific profiles such as age, gender, and location, alongside their interests such as culinary, business, gadgets, art, fashion, sports, football, health, entertainment, music, movies, automotive, and travelling. These interests will help advertisers to optimise their budget through Cost Per Impression (CPM), Cost Per Lead (CPL), and Cost Per View (CPV) campaigns. ROLi’s lock screen capabilities are powered by Postr’s SDK, which supports zero-rating of content and plugs into some of the world’s largest ad exchanges including Google’s AdMob and Baidu.  

“Sponsored mobile usage has the potential to unlock an annual revenue opportunity of $23 billion by 2019 for global brands and operators, while offering an attractive value exchange between consumers and brands. The surge in mobile usage across Indonesia presents new opportunities for telcos to boost Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) by offering rewards to subscribers. It also enables advertisers to target a large, highly engaged audience; creating a win-win situation for all parties involved,” said Milan Reinartz, Postr’s founder and CEO. 

Postr has also built standalone, carrier-branded apps for Optus in Australia and Skinny Mobile in New Zealand. Postr’s SDK is available to telcos, gaming apps, and other apps who want to monetise their audiences and create a value exchange for virtual currency.