Welcome to over 10 million potential new users.

Since creating our industry-leading mobile advertising platform in 2014 – we’ve been busy.

And a major change in our core business, has meant that we now have more to offer users – and advertisers – than ever before.

 We’ve extended the reach of Postr from a NZ-based, direct-to-user platform, to one which is being adopted by leading mobile network operators (MNO’s) in NZ, Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines and beyond… with a simple ‘win-win-win’ at it’s core.

MNO’s can now white-label Postr’s interface and ad-serving technology, and deliver it under their own brands as a bespoke ‘white-label’ app… offering free data and /or minutes every month, in exchange for customers seeing personalised advertising on their lock screens.

For users, this provides a compelling, regular reward… delivered from a brand they already know, trust, and interact with on a daily basis.

For MNO’s, it provides a way to increase ARPU, add value to their customer experience, take a share in the world’s fastest growing advertising channel – and by using Postr’s platform to deliver their own offers and products, they can open up a unique new customer communication channel – on the most relevant and personal screen.

They can also supplement pre-pay customer information with new data opportunities – such as demographics and location – and implement their white label app within 6-8 weeks.

For Postr, the existing relationship between a potential user and their MNO makes acquisition easier (and more cost effective), and delivers higher retention… as well as creating massive increases in the size and scale of our potential audience, and it’s value to advertisers. With Android and pre-paid users representing a far larger share of many Asian markets than in NZ, each partnership can deliver hundreds of thousands, if not millions of new users – and can do it quickly.

Which means that for advertisers, Postr is a more compelling platform than ever before… while maintaining all of the advantages that our technology has been developed around.

Our ads are single minded, 100% viewable and highly effective for advertisers – and deliver up to 40X average mobile click-through rates. Engagement is genuine, not incentivised – with no accidental clicks. And anonymised user engagement data delivers deep analytical insights – in real time.

We work with major global agencies brands and re-sellers for premium inventory, and tap into the world’s largest and best mobile networks & exchanges for programmatic inventory – offering advertisers industry-leading engagement and response, on the most personal screen there is.

So now there’s even more reasons to unlock awesome – in more and more places around the world. With Postr.