Welcome to the Postr blog


Postr was created to bring relevant stuff to your Android phone, even before you unlock it, to keep your favourite content and brands top of mind and reward you for lending your eyeballs (eek). Or, if you’re an advertiser, allowing you to speak to those people that care about what you have to say, at the right time, right on their lock screen.

This blog will keep you up-to-date with us while we continue to keep your lock screen busy and your Pocket Money growing. 

Today we’re unlocking content on Postr. In a partnership with NZME and Metservice, we are adding NZ Herald News, MetService Weather and GrabOne Deals feeds to the Postr lock screen.

Not only will you still be getting paid to rent out your lockscreen to see personalised ads, you will now get direct access to news, deals and weather, without even having to unlock your phone!

Stay in the know with The New Zealand Herald’s up to date news feed on Postr. Choose the categories that suit your interests, browse snapshots of the latest articles and swipe left to read more.

GrabOne has jumped on-board to offer you their amazing deals straight on your lock screen. Flick through deals specific to your region and if you like what you see, simply swipe left to enjoy the savings.

Follow the weather in your region with with MetService weather updates on Postr. Swipe left straight from your lock screen to get a 5-day forecast. You’ll never get caught without an umbrella again. 

We are a small but busy team, working hard to create an app which we are pretty stoked to have on our own lock screens. Follow our blog to view details of the projects we are currently working on, as well as a bit out of the lives of the Postr team, so you can get to know the passionate people behind the screen.

Until next time, happy swiping.